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Marketing Research


Marketing Research (MR) provides a framework to conduct marketing research and analyze Sales and Marketing data.


1. Introduction
a. A Brief History of Marketing Research
b. Corporate Strategy Overview
c. Aspects of Sales and Marketing
d. Levels of Sales and Marketing Strategy
e. Marketing Strategy Overview
f. Marketing Research Overview

2. Dene Research Problem and Choose Research Design
a. Dene Research Problem
b. Choose Research Design

3. Data Collection
a. Collect Secondary Data
b. Collect Primary Data

4. Data Processing and Data Analysis
a. Data Processing
b. Data Analysis

5. Data Interpretation and Reporting
a. Data Interpretation
b. Reporting

6. Appendix
a. Data
b. Statistical Measurement of Data
c. Probability
d. Random Variables and Probability Distributions
e. Sampling Distributions
f. Method of Least Squares
g. Analysis with Statistical Packages